Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Talk Juicing And FIBER!

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Juicing concentrates the sugars and eliminates the fiber, right? First, sugars in fruit are naturally occurring sugars including fructose. Fructose has traditionally been regarded as a healthy sugar because it does not raise blood sugar levels.  When you drink FRESH all natural juice the fructose is absorbed from the intestines and is taken to the liver to be broken down into glucose. Because of this fructose has the lowest glycemic index of all the natural sugars. We want to be careful though (especially if you're diabetic or have a history of diabetes in your family, so please consult a physician if this is the case). Juicing too many fruits at one time and getting that much fructose can overwhelm the body's capacity to precess it. But, we already know not to juice just fruits and root vegetables and to juice a variety. The green juice is nutritionally the best for us. But, did you know fiber helps our bodies maintain normal sugar levels? So we want to get lots of fiber. How do we get fiber? Simple, you can get a little of the fiber you need by adding a some pulp back into the juice you make and another way is to eat some of the produce you're juicing. I say to myself, "Man those apples look good", so I take a bite. "That spinach looks fresh", so I chew some. "Those carrots are awesome", you get the idea. Munch on what you're juicing! It's that simple! You'll also get the fiber you need from the meals you eat throughout the day. How much fiber do you need? According to WHFoods website, you should strive for 25 grams of fiber each day. Check out their dietary fiber page, the links are below. For breakfast I almost always have oatmeal with my juice. Oatmeal is good fiber. For a snack I have an apple, banana or an orange and maybe some nuts. At lunch I almost always have a salad and some fruit. Mid-afternoon snack some almonds and some fruit. There you go again, more fiber. At dinner, it's steamed or lightly cooked vegetables and beans or legumes and you guessed it, some more fruit. I believe if I eat some of what I'm juicing and then have some grains, cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes for snacks and meals, I'll get plenty of fiber. It's something to consider each day though and just to be sure you're getting the fiber you need, you can check out WHFoods Food Advisor. It's a helpful tool. So when someone says to you, what about fiber? You have the answer and remember you can tell them, "There's No-Thing Better For Your Body Than FRESH Fruit and Vegetable Juice!" Have fun juicing and Juice On!

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